Jan 24, 2008

EveryBlock Launches

Congrats to Adrian, Paul, Wilson and Dan over at EveryBlock on their launch.

If you thought that ChicagoCrime was cool, EveryBlock is going to blow your mind. For example, take a look at what's going on around Wrigley Field or near my office.

So far it's only Chicago, New York, and San Francisco, so if you live elsewhere, you'll have to voyeur other cities for the time being.

Jan 19, 2008

Now with 80% More Yap Yap

After giving dozens of talks together, Ben and I have decided to do a podcast. We've kicked off with an inaugural episode where we tell some stories and lay out the ideas for the podcast, but the goal is for it to be more of a question and answer format about open source and collaborative development tools.

To download the podcast, either get the mp3 directly from http://code.google.com/p/pcloadletter, or you can just subscribe to it in iTunes. Just open the “Advanced > Subscribe to Podcast” menu in iTunes, and enter the address http://feeds.feedburner.com/PCLoadLetter.

Ben's blog post has some more detail, so take a gander over there or just head over to the PC Load Letter site to find out more.

Jan 2, 2008

Font Fancy: 9x15

In the past few months, several folks have weighed in on their favorite fonts—Cory Doctorow waxed poetic about Droid Sans Mono while James Duncan Davidson professed his love for Bitstream Vera Sans Mono (His blog died, so the link is to a post about his post).

I've tried a lot of different fonts over the years, but I always come back to the most boring and plain screen font ever. It doesn't even have a real name--I know it only as "9x15" and it comes with X11. It's pretty much the only font I've ever coded in, and I've got my emacsen all hard-wired to use it, on both Mac and Linux. Click on the image below to see the full-size version (Stupid Blogger image upload insists on resizing my images).

I'd love to find an actual vector font that looks just like 9x15, but I've yet to find one, despite quite a bit of hunting.