Aug 28, 2008


Wordle is a great way to waste an hour or two creating pretty word clouds from a given corpus. Since somehow or other Red Bean has become a home for a number of version control books (namely the CVS book, the Subversion book, and the Mercurial book), I thought I'd run them through Worldle and see what came out (click on the image for a larger version):


Karl Fogel said...

That's great!

How did you wordle those books? I tried to wordle by pasting all the text into the wordle site, but no go... I can't just paste the URL into their URL receptacle, because that wants an RSS or Atom feed.

Fitz said...

I seem to recall that at took a few tries (I actually wrote this post a few weeks ago and forgot to publish it, so the amnesia is kicking in). I may or may not have pasted plain text in.