Aug 27, 2008

Tivo Olympics

A few years ago I lamented the state of the Olympics on television, and while NBC hasn't done a whole lot to improve their televising of the Olympics, Tivo made it all somehow bearable. Tivo let me skip the commercials, the background pieces on athletes, the medal ceremonies, and the grating color commentary by Bob Costas and others. All in all it took me about two hours to watch each five hour stretch of the Olympics, and that somehow made it pretty OK.

I love my Tivo.

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Karl Fogel said...

Wouldn't it be great if they'd just offer open camera feeds and let people assemble their own Olympics? Instead of depending on NBC, everyone gets to be NBC, and NBC itself has to be a better NBC than anyone else or it loses its position as the preferred deliverer of the Olympics.

My guess is it'll be about five to seven more summer Olympics before we reach that nirvana, though :-).