Oct 30, 2008

Street View hits Italy!

Google Street View for Italy just launched and It's giving me a serious case of Rome-sickness. The official blog post has some great views of the city, so I'll share a few of my favorite non-historic places. For starters, I can see a view down the street to the John Felice Rome Center where I lived, studied, and worked for three years:

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(You can click to zoom or drag to look around on all of these shots)

The "Green Bar" where we used to go for coffee and chocolate croissants:

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OK, I can't resist--here's my favorite church (architecture-wise),
The Basilica of St. Giovanni in Laterano:

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And Marie's favorite,
The Basilica of St. Maria Maggiore

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I could go on for hours, so I'll close out with the greatest gelateria in the world, Cremeria Monteforte (run by my good friend Roberto):

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Drag the image around 180 degrees to see that it's facing the side of the Pantheon. Oh man, now I'm seriously craving a big cup of Roberto's Cioccolato Semifreddo.

Oct 27, 2008

A Message and a Messenger

If you've had enough hearing about politics and this presidential election, you can stop reading now

Most of you who know me well know that while I sit firmly on the left side of the political bus, I don't go around beating a drum about it, and that I think that most politicians are crooks and liars. So it's exceptionally uncommon for me to find a politician that I respect, believe, and am willing to listen to.

First, as a speaker who has given over 100 talks in the last 8 years, I really appreciate a good orator (and can barely sit through a bad one). Barack Obama is a dynamic speaker who can connect with people on an emotional level, but more importantly, he conveys a message of inspiration and unity. Both of these messages have been sorely lacking in our country's leadership for the past eight years.

With that introduction, take a look at the last six minutes of a campaign speech he gave in Canton Ohio:

At no time in my life has this country needed someone like Barack Obama as much as we do today.

Take a good look, kids: this is our next president.

Oct 15, 2008

Everybody Should Have One

The Second Edition of Version Control with Subversion has finally hit the bookshelves. Ben and Mike and I enjoy working together, but we're all happy to see this finally put to bed.

If you're a fan of the dead trees, you can buy a hardcopy or if you're a fan of whizzing electrons, download a free copy.

I hope you like it--enjoy!

PS Please don't tell my Grandmother that the book's not actually about turtles--she'll be really disappointed if she finds out that it's about "that crazy computer stuff."

Oct 8, 2008

Life Imitates Art

My favorite web comic wrote this cartoon.

A short time later, my favorite online video site did this.

I tried it out and practically fell over laughing. Go ahead and try it yourself.

Further proof that the folks over at YouTube rock. I love it!