Jul 21, 2008

The Ben and Fitz Show Goes to OSCON

At OSCON this year, Ben and I are giving three talks and sitting on a panel, including:

So there you have it—all the Ben and Fitz you can stand, plus a whole lot more. If you see me at the conference, ask me for a My Other Computer is a Data Center sticker if you want to pimp your laptop (or, um, your car, I guess). Hope to see you in Portland.


wizard said...

Will there be a video for the subversion talk? Do you have slides you might want to share? There is no way I could have gone this year and I'd love to see what that talk was about.

Fitz said...

Slides can be found at http://www.red-bean.com/fitz/presentations/2007-07-27-OSCON-svn-worst-practices.pdf.