Aug 31, 2007

The Surreal Life

Yesterday was a pretty surreal day. Everything was fairly normal until late in the afternoon when John told me that Don King was coming over to the Chicago Google office with his son, Carl King, and a few other folks for a visit. While I was expecting a fantasticalicious whacktasticatudinous time, with possibly a few fights breaking out at the weigh in, what actually happened was much more mundane. Don and Carl and the guys were very low key, super friendly, and overall quite interested in all the cool stuff that we do at Google. I just about passed out laughing when Don pointed out that the picture on his Wikipedia page wasn't of him, but of a wax replica of him at Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum. Priceless.

Don even stood patiently while we got some photos in front of the big Google logo:

Now that's what I call an outrighteously sparklicious Americaneriffic jacket.

[Thanks to Rachelle for hanging out with us and taking the photo above]


Mike Mariano said...

That Wikipedia picture is a fiasco. The source picture is obviously from a wax museum. The next picture is of one of the same women with young Elvis!

Perhaps you should replace his Wikipedia photo with the one featured here.

Robert Konigsberg said...

What I find amusing is that his jacket blends so well with the logo.

+1 for changing the wikipedia photo.